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Surfing the NASH Tsunami

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Driving the Discussion in Fatty Liver Disease. Join hepatology researcher and Key Opinion Leader Stephen Harrison, Liver Wellness Advocate Louise Campbell, and Forecasting and Pricing Guru Roger Green as they discuss the issues affecting the evolving NASH market from their own unique perspectives on the Surfing the NASH Tsunami podcast. #NASH #NAFLD #FattyLiver

Recent Episodes

S2 E3.2 - Call to action: Can We use COVID-19 Vaccine Centers to support Liver health?January 23, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E3.1 - Challenges Disadvantaged Minorities Face in Liver HealthJanuary 23, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E3 A Call to Action on MLK Day: Supporting disadvantaged Minorities in Managing Liver HealthJanuary 20, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E2.3 - Partners and enablers Necessary to Help Drive Broader NAFLD and Non-Communicable DiseaseJanuary 16, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E2.2 - Economic and Patient Motivation Costs and Value of telemedicine and New Non-Invasive Diagnostic TestingJanuary 16, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E2.1 - Innovations in Telemedicine and Mobile Technology can improve care for NAFLD patientsJanuary 16, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E2 — How COVID-19 is changing patient management and clinical trialsJanuary 14, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E1.3 - Challenges and Big Ideas for NAFLD/NASH Patient Diagnosis and Treatment in the Post-Second Wave WorldJanuary 09, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E1.2 Successfully Managing Clinical Trials during COVID-19's Second WaveJanuary 09, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E1.1 - How Recent COVID-19 News Affects NAFLD and NASH PatientsJanuary 08, 2021 Episode artwork S2 E1 - How Will COVID-19 Affect the Fatty Liver Community in 2021?January 06, 2021 Episode artwork 44.4 2020 Year In Review: How Patients and Patient Advocates reacted to a year of lows and highJanuary 01, 2021 Episode artwork 44.3 2020 Year In Review: Revisiting the "MAFLD vs. NAFLD" debateJanuary 01, 2021 Episode artwork 44.2 2020 Year In Review: Fatty Liver Disease Enters the Public Dialogue in GermanyJanuary 01, 2021 Episode artwork 44.1 2020 Year in Review: Simplifying NASH Diagnostics Saves Money, improves satisfactionJanuary 01, 2021 Episode artwork 2020 Year-End NASH Review 2: Patient Treatment and PerspectivesDecember 30, 2020 Episode artwork 43.4 2020 Year in Review: The Law of Unintended Consequences Blesses NASH Drug DevelopmentDecember 25, 2020 Episode artwork 43.3 2020 Year in Review: Progress in developing clinical endpoints necessary to support drug approvalsDecember 25, 2020 Episode artwork 43.2 2020 Year In Review: Emergence of Non-Invasive Tests and Testing Strategies in fatty Liver DiseaseDecember 25, 2020 Episode artwork 43.1 2020 Year in Review: Advances in Fatty Liver Disease Drugs and DiagnosticsDecember 25, 2020 Episode artwork 2020 Year-End NASH Review 1: Drugs and Diagnostics - Ep 43December 23, 2020 Episode artwork Policy 2: Credibility, Convergence and the 2021 Global Liver Institute Action Plan - Ep 42December 16, 2020 Episode artwork Policy 1: The Liver Policy Agenda Has Experienced Surprising Success in the Last Four Years - Ep 41December 09, 2020 Episode artwork Links between NAFLD and Cardiovascular Disease - Ep 40 December 02, 2020 Episode artwork COVID CHAOS: The 2nd Wave - Ep 39November 23, 2020 Episode artwork